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Import/Export Financing

Keep up with Export and Import Cash Flow

You can trust in our ability to help keep your product on the move and ready for sales. Whether it’s import or export, buying or selling we are here to help with the headaches of these transactions while reducing the credit risk and streamlining the process.

Export Financing

This type of financing is specifically designed to fulfill the requirements defined on a purchase order or letter of credit received by a company, distributor or broker. Such an order or letter requires them to purchase and ship goods as defined in the document. Classically, the export buyer posts a letter of credit to pay for the goods along with his purchase order and a back-to-back letter of credit is issued paying the supplier for the goods under specific secure terms to assure delivery as required and defined on either the purchase order or the letter of credit. In this form of financing the broker or seller receives his proportionate profit after borrowing the funds required to pay for the goods, land transportation, ocean freight, insurance, and any duties that may be required to get the product to the buyer therefore completing a transaction payment.

Import Financing

Enjoy the ability to buy goods that are presold from any supplier worldwide. Your investment is secured by an irrevocable purchase order from a quality purchasing source.