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Factoring & Purchase Order Financing

Managing Your Accounts Receivable

Rely on the financial team at LuxeMark Capital, LLC for accounts receivable factoring and financing services. Our New York financial firm helps businesses manage and reduce credit risk during transactions and projects.

Purchase Order Financing

Pay for your products in advance with letters of credit or cash through purchase order financing. Available for sales domestically or internationally, this type of financing arranges for the quality assurance and delivery to your customers, including payment of any duties or land transportation involved. Purchase order financing is limited to products that are purchased in completed form, whether manufactured in America or anywhere in the world.

Accounts Receivable Factoring

Our accounts receivable factoring services are available to all industries selling products to quality purchasers. We transfer the credit risk of its receivable to the lender or third party. This will allow your company to benefit from immediate cash flow created by factoring those receivables. There are four types of factoring commonly offered:

Old Line Factoring
The standard form of factoring in America today, this involves transferring credit risk. It also includes advancing on the invoice to the owner overnight.

Discount Factoring
Structured for development stage companies, a fee is charged for the purchase of the assignment of the credit risk to the lender and the cost of funds for the advance are charged as one combined fee called a commission.

Spot Factoring
Designed for startups or firms simply in need of immediate quick cash, spot factoring does not require multi-year contracts. Moreover, it provides a company with flexibility of selling invoices to the lender when working capital is needed.
Construction Factoring
Factoring of accounts receivable within the construction industry is available. This is typically employed when there are no intervening bonding issues.